THD #20 is coming soon!

The 20th Annual International Tom Hanks Day

Lincoln Hall
2424 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
DATE: Saturday, April 1st, 2023
RAFFLE at 4pm

Join us in celebrating the nicest man in Hollywood (and the greatest April Fools joke ever!) at our 20th annual THD bash! This is a milestone event for us, so we're pulling out all the stops... you're not going to want to miss this celebration! We'll post more details as we get closer to the event, but mark your calendars now for the 20th annual Tom Hanks Day! We'll have THD merch, drink specials, lots of fun activities throughout the day, all culminating with everyone's favorite part about THD... the infamous raffle! We hope you'll join us at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on April 1st. T.Hanks!

P.S. All proceeds from our event will go to support our friends at Lifeline Energy. A good time for a good cause!
From our humble beginnings on a double-decker couch in Kalamazoo, MI, International Tom Hanks Day has grown to be just that - International! Every year 100% of the proceeds from our events go directly to support Lifeline Energy. If you have a moment, please take some time to learn more about their organization. They have great people working for a great cause and the amount of work they put in to help families in need is just unbelievable.

Still not sure what to think about the whole Tom Hanks Day thing? Well we promise you we aren’t making any of this up! Tom Hanks Day has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets over the years. THD coverage has ranged from major publications and networks like CNN, Time, The Chicago Sun Times, WGN, and TMZ, to radio outlets like WBEZ, B96, and Z96.5. And to top it all off, Tom himself has recognized our efforts on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as on his social media accounts. So with the constant support of the nicest man in Hollywood, we want to share this joy with people all over the world. We’d love if you took a look around the site and clicked on some links, and when you’re ready to start a Tom Hanks Day chapter in your city, we’ll be right here to support you, every step of the way.
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There are no events scheduled at this time.
Please check back soon to find THD events near you!
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follow Lifeline:
The Lifeplayer MP3, financed mainly by Tom Hanks, offers on-demand education access to vulnerable populations. The first of its kind, the solar and wind-up Lifeplayer can play 128 GB of content and is a 5-band radio designed for groups listening. The Lifeplayer is providing education access in several African countries. The solar and wind-up Prime radio with FM, AM and three SW bands, is being used in radio distance education programs and for womens' listening groups in Africa. Tom Hanks, who understands the importance of radio, also helped to finance the Prime.
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In January 2014, we agreed it was time to take Tom Hanks Day to a whole new level, so we hatched an idea and ventured into something none of us had ever done before. We came to you; THD party-goers, Tom Hanks’ fans, and all-round cool people the world over, and asked for your help. On January 21st, our Kickstarter project went live, with the intended goal of raising $9,000 to help us take Tom Hanks Day to new heights. That money would be used to expand the THD name and help set up this brand new website that allows you to create and maintain your own THD party/event. We weren't exactly sure what would happen, but in just 39 days, YOU made it happen. With 198 backers from 7 different countries, not only did we reach our goal...we exceeded it by more than $1,000! So, as promised, here are all the people that helped to make our project a success; the ‘Stars of THD’.

Green Mile Level ($500+)
Jeff and Margie Manley
Linda Stevens
A League Of Their Own Level ($300-$499)
Brian Baker
Shari Spiro of Ad Magic Inc
Mary and Chuck VanDerMaas
Mary Marcheschi
Jared Eikhoff
BIG Level ($50-$299)
Kyle Johnson
Jason Manley
Brett Gorrell
gerdes warner
Michael Clifford
Cameron H. Peck
Cubba Reese
Matt Meffin
Roberto Hull
Michael Serio
Stephen Siebert
Thomas Hanks
Mollie Smith Wilmes
Matt Scodellaro
David Kerstanski
Sharon Pearce
Kristan L. Futrell
Gillian Gonda
Carol Waechter
Michael Desjardins
Al Sousa
Marcia Maxson Schwartz
Sara So
Zack Teibloom
Alex Gialanella
Christophe Demont
Cat B
Michael Askew
Lisa Smith
Fogle Brooke
nelson broskey
Melissa Spelde
Myrick Stubbs
Tom Petro
Kim Bertolini
Anthony Smith
Splash Level ($30-$49)
Timothy Sydlo
Roselle Kovitz
Fern Culhane
Mark Klamik
Stacy Klaus
Doug Vanisky
Emily Witucki
Olivia Brazier
Kelsey Wurtz
Michael Lindbeck
Jared Gamelin
Gavin Markee
Alex Patriquin
JoAnne Meyers
Ashley Herrington
Holly Stotelmyer
Andrea Jones
K Jo
Jen Plesek
Manny Anzalota
Andrew Suydam
Allison Castile
Jen Papadopoulos
Jennifer Kornago
Bernadette Robertz
Julie Gladstone
Tracy Bigelow
Kelly Bigelow Falzone
Chelsey Croce
Laura j Horetski
Scott Horetski
Patrick Cretsinger
Sarah Bigelow
Erin Petro
Fran Bigelow
Tim Kelley
Katie Sherman
connie jean
Allie Grabowski
Melinda Bond
Alex Carriere
Nicholas Stage
Pat Nixon
Vincent Minucci
Chris Maki
Sarah Lutz
Jacqui Cordaro
Derek Gregorich
Kari Kempf
Dave Daniele
Denise Weston
Kris Petro
Adria Bertolini
Amelia Lovett
Joe Fleet
Anna Pinter
Kurt Ellis
Ashley De Luna
Karen White
Raven DaSilva
Petar Rashkov
Michael Manley
James A. Rapelje
Mickie Manley
Ryan Sneddon
Mary Marshall
Liz Semaan
Dominik Dalek
Dawn Wilson
Spencer Wakahiro
Claire Zepeda
Toy Story Level ($10-$29)
Melissa Beck Dillon
Kim Hillebrand
Katie Titi
Laurie Andrus
Lauren Baker
Shams Khan
Sarah Zimmer
Espinosa Hankie Fans
Marc Nothrop, Tasmania
Victoria Rogers
Reno Haney
Steffan Raines
Russell Vaughn
Alan Fishel
Noelle Provencial
Leslie Shattuck
Natalie's Sister
Maura Daly
Craig Fifer
Chuck Barksdale
Natalie E. Johnson
Kathy Sullivan
Eva Thompson
Kyla Oesterreich
Sean TenBrink
joseph moss
Deidra Stevens
Laura Suida
robert Smith
Lauren Schwartz
Kaitlin petro
Money Pit Level ($5-$9)
Chris Fickley
John 'The Burbs' Dimatos
Christina, Adam, Liam, Mike and Marsha
The Sriracha Cookbook
Secretary Not Sure
Tony Yates
Tom Haines
Margaret Anne Elizabeth Dempsey
Andrew McGill
Josh Button
Jerre Wegner
Matt Bowen
Will Christensen
Jim Kelso
Ashley McCann
Susannah Sandow
Christian dela Cruz
Kitt Hodsden
Gabriel Morgan
Bill Shute
Andrew Mostajo Magpoc
The Funky Bunch
Shaun, Traci & Kori Manley
Jessrasic Wearing
Gilbert Chilvas
Stephanie Rodriguez
Aaron Rakoczy
車慶猷 Enrico
Debera Albertson
We Helped Too! ($1-$4)
Attrayoo Driscoll-Plavins
David Rodriguez
Brian L. Frye & Penny Lane
Arthur Lhermitte
Christopher Holland
Vicky Harinski
Justin Kazmark
Tieg Zaharia
Michael McGregor